Saturday, September 10, 2016

Friday, September 16, 2016

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Finally back on a normal schedule next week. Please note that we will be learning 2 new math lessons a week and the alternating day will be spent on review. I am hoping that by implementing this change the students will begin to have a better understanding of the content area. With your help, and all students working hard and applying themselves, I know we will see growth. You can pull up practice math sheets from the link provided. I also had a couple people tell me that have used YouTube to watch the lesson being taught. I feel that could be very beneficial to those who get home and can't remember how to do the work.

Immediate reminders: 
  • Please check your child’s agenda book daily for homework/test/quiz/ information 
  • Look for the Home/School Communication folder every Wednesday.
  • Please sign and return all graded papers
  •  Join Class Dojo if you haven’t already. If you need your sign-up information let me know.
  • Picture Day is Sept. 20th (uniforms required)